VeeCAN™ 320 Lite – 3.5″ Color Display

Display Features

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VeeCAN™ 320 Lite has a single CAN & RS232 port, part of the range of 3.5″ compact color displays from Veethree.

The VeeCAN 320 Lite is an addition to the VeeCAN CAN bus display family from Veethree. It is a fully sunlight viewable 3.5inch color display, which is compact and highly flexible.

The unit has single CAN & RS232 ports, opposed to the full VeeCAN 320 which has a greater number of ports. This unit is therefore ideal for those who require less functionality and where price point is sensitive.

Electrically and environmentally rugged, the VeeCAN 320 Lite provides durable, flexible instrumentation for the harshest of environments.

The high brightness QVGA (320 x 240 pixels) color display is fully sunlight viewable and the unit is totally sealed.

The VeeCAN 320 Lite CAN bus display is ready to meet the challenge of providing tough, reliable, and maintenance free instrumentation in harshest of environments.

Using the powerful Freescale iMX 286 ARM processor running Linux, programmers can quickly put together a project using our proprietary software developer’s kit (SDK) and the proven Veethree component based library. Application software is able to be rapidly validated on a PC using the PC simulator.

Download the data sheet for the VeeCAN 320 Lite by clicking the button below.

Download VeeCAN 320 Lite Data Sheet

Download the Operator’s Manual for the VeeCAN 320 Lite by clicking the button below.

Download VeeCAN 320 Lite Manual

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